Land of the Long White Stain

A love letter to music on the margins

Claire Duncan (i.e. crazy, Dear Time’s Waste) follows her musical comrades on a tour of New Zealand in this contemplative ode to a brood of genre-bending Auckland musicians, among them Girls Pissing on Girls Pissing, Seth Frightening and Shab Orkestra.

LAND OF THE LONG WHITE STAIN fuses digital film formats into a rip-roaring 30-minute musical tour of an Auckland sub-culture. Performances were recorded live at Chick’s Hotel in Port Chalmers, the Wine Cellar in Auckland, Log Recording in Christchurch and the Newtown Community Centre in Wellington.

Director’s Statement

A year or so ago, I mumbled a complaint into the echo chamber of Auckland’s Whammy Bar at 2am, bemoaning the lack of quality live footage of local bands and artists. Land of the Long White Stain attempts to capture the rarely recorded, incredibly intense live performances of these acts. While the songs themselves are the heroes of the story, behind-the-scenes footage permits a glimpse into the processes and world-views of a group of fiercely creative individuals whose work falls outside the ever-constrictive paradigms of popular music in New Zealand. It’s a personal tribute to the music and people I love; their relentless pursuit of creative excellence, regardless of mainstream trends and taste.

CLAIRE DUNCAN’s work incorporates both copy and editorial across a wide variety of creative industries. Her writing has featured on The Pantograph Punch, for whom she has recently directed a short documentary celebrating the West Coast’s Barrytown Settlers Hall. As a musician, she has completed a number of national tours under the performance name of Dear Time’s Waste. Claire is committed to engaging with and celebrating New Zealand’s artists and creative communities.


  • 04.07.2015 On Radio New Zealand National’s “Music 101”, Zac Arnold is with director Claire Duncan as they discuss the difficulties of capturing the essence of live performance and what it means to be a musician on the margins.
  • 02.07.2015 Radio One 91FM’s “Tussock Creek Social Club” talks Land of the Long White Stain with Claire Duncan (55’50”).
  • 30.06.2015 Claire Duncan joins the bFM Breakfast team to discuss Land of the Long White Stain.


  • Seth Frightening: ‘I Left it When the Water Broke’
    Shab Orkestra: ‘I Will Not Take You Back to the Water’
    i.e. crazy: ‘Body of Debt’
    Girls Pissing on Girls Pissing: ‘Out of Zone’
    Chick’s Hotel, Port Chalmers, NZ
    Wine Cellar, Auckland, NZ
    Log Recording, Christchurch, NZ
    Newtown Community Centre, Wellington, NZ
    Seth Frightening: ‘Bury’ from the album But We Love Our Brothers and Sisters (2015, Sonorous Circle)


  • Written and Directed by Claire Duncan
    Produced by Melinda Jackson
  • Director of Photography: Joe Hitchcock
    Editor: Luke McPake
    Handycam: Claire Duncan, Sean Kelly, Melinda Jackson, Catherine Cumming, Alexander Knight, Anthony Sheehan-Drent.
  • Live sound recording by Steven Huf, Henry Nicol, Tom Bell, Rohan Evans, Melinda Jackson and Claire Duncan.
  • Sound post by Sam Moore
    Title painting by Alexander Knight
    Narrated by Paul Blanchard
  • Publicist: Rebecca McMillan
    Series Producer: Tim Wong
    Catherine Cumming, Steven Huf, Sean Kelly, Alexander Knight, Casey Latimer, Aka Iti Ransfield-Crummer and Luke McPake.
    Thanks to Melinda Jackson, Tim Wong, Joe Hitchcock, Ian Brown, Paul Blanchard; Rohan Evans and the Wine Cellar; Henri Kerr and Henry Nicol at Log Recording; Reade Audio, Mike McLeod, Tom Bell and Hope Robertson at Chick’s Hotel; Thomas Lambert and Sonorous Circle; Eyegum Music Collective and the Newtown Community Centre; and all of those who came to the shows.
  • Tūī communication calls courtesy of the Department of Conservation (NZ Crown copyright ©)
    3 July 2015 (World+Online Premiere)
  • The Lumière Reader presents
    in association with NZ On Air
    “Land of the Long White Stain”
  • © Lumière Industries 2015. All Rights Reserved.