A web series of original essay films and digital documentaries made with funding from NZ On Air.

Out of the Mist

An Alternate History of New Zealand Cinema

A film made and received on its own terms will often say more about this country than one fixated on the literal and the absolute.

Written and Directed by Tim Wong
Produced by Melinda Jackson
Narrated by Eleanor Catton

Land of the Long White Stain

A love letter to music on the margins

The moment when a musician might begin to make good music is the same moment at which they accept that no one will buy their records.

Written and Directed by Claire Duncan
Produced by Melinda Jackson

Paper Boat

Moments in the life of a book

My mother used to make up stories in the darkness that no one knew the endings to. It was a kind of permission to have imperfect and beautiful plans.

Directed by Alex Mitcalfe Wilson
Produced by Melinda Jackson

About the Producers

MELINDA JACKSON is producer of Out of the Mist, Land of the Long White Stain and Paper Boat. With more than ten years experience freelancing in production, editing, casting and assistant directing, she has produced for a number of music, corporate and promotional videos, as well as two short films that have screened in festivals both locally and internationally (The Small Movements and Mou Piri: A Rarotongan Love Song). She lives in New York City.

TIM WONG is series producer of The Lumière Reader presents and founding editor of The Lumière Reader. Since 2016 he’s worked with the New Zealand International Film Festival as a writer and editor, and Auckland Arts Festival as a senior designer.